||Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah ||

For Puja/Homam Payments & Donations Please transfer the amount to the Sri Parvati Seva Shakti Peetam Bank Account that is given below and
contact 9849379422 / 9290793195 for details.
CANARA BANK A/C # 1976201001552 IFSC Code 001976

STATE BANK OF INDIA A/C # 30249656171, I F S C. SBIN 0010658
KAPRA Branch:10658

skype name: b.kesava.theertha.sarma

Bhagavath Homam
Bhagavath Homam

Latest photos of Celebrations at Sri Parvathi Seva Shaki Peetham

|| Vagardhavivasamprukthou vagardhahpratipattaye
Jagathah pitarou vande Parvathi Parameswarou ||

Sound, Speech (Vakku) follows a Meaning and every Meaning follows Sound ,Speech (Vakku) these both are interrelated one another as universal gods Parvathi & Parameshwar for whom I convey my Namaskarams


Lord Ganesha reading vedasNowadays Life has become mechanical and people are unable to perform Vedic rituals like Homas, pujas etc:-, on various occasions. It is necessary to perform homas etc:- to lead harmonious life which is scientifically proven. According to the present day circumstances it is unable to trace out perfect purohit’s who perform Vedic rituals without any gain. Goodnews to those who are searching for the above.

As per your needs and occasions as per the above study we perform Vedic rituals like homas, Japas & pujas on different Occasions like Marriages, Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony), Gruha Pravesham, Satyanarayana Vratam’s,Nomulu ,pujas,shanti Prakaranas, Navagraha japas, Astrological Remedies, Yantras Japatarpana homas. We have a team of learned, dedicated and expert professional Purohits to perform the above said puja and homams for restoring peace, health and wealth to individuals.

Brahmins & also other sects on various occasions would practice some of the spiritual rites like Shrowta, Smartha, Nitya Naimittika, Kamya Karmas, puja Shanti homas few of them were described as below.